Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tandoori Salmon at Naanolicious

Tandoori salmon at Naanolicious. #yegfood

I have been to Naanolicious so many times that I have pretty much settled into a routine of ordering my favourite dishes in rotation. Tonight, I decided to try something new. I love tandoori chicken, so was curious as to how the tandoori salmon would measure up. The results were impressive. The salmon was moist, tender, and full of flavour without diminishing the natural taste of the fish. Served with saffron rice, a few roasted potatoes, and a salad, the plate was as attractive to look at as to eat. One of the most incredible salmon dinners I have had in a long time. It's also one of the pricer items on the menu at $22, but worth treating yourself to.

Lamb Kebabs at Naanolicious

Lamb kebabs from Nannolicious #tegfood

Supper at Naanolicious after the Saturday afternoon jam at Blues On Whyte is something of a ritual. I have tried the chicken and paneer kebabs, but but the opportunity to try some of the lamb kebabs. Huge chunks of meat and vegetables were served on a sizzling platter, with saffron rice. The lamb was just tender enough, and did not taste gamey. I personally prefer the taste of beef and will try those kebabs on a future visit.

Breakfast for Lunch: Country Harvest at Artisan Resto-Cafe

Breakfast at Artisan Cafe. #yegfood

I have had brunch before at Artisan Resto-Cafe on Whyte Avenue, usually an omelette, but tried the Country Harvest for something different. Two eggs any style, potatoes, two thick beef sausages, and a choice of a piece of French toast or one pancake - this is indeed a unique combination. The sausages in particular were filling, and the piece of French toast I chose made a pleasant alternative to the plain toast usually served with such a meal. My eggs were perfectly done, and the potatoes were Artisan's own. My only criticism was that the onion that garnished them was raw - and strong. Lightly fried or sauteed onions would have made a huge difference. Otherwise, a very good meal, and a restaurant with a cool atmosphere.

Teppan Beef and Mushrooms at Pagolac

Teppan Beef and Mushrooms

Everyone at Pagolac (10566 97 Street) knew this dish was coming to our table - the sizzling and smoke trail were impossible to ignore. A mountain of beef and mushrooms served on a sizzling platter - the one it was cooked on. The beef was a bit on the chewy side, but tasted great. Perfect for sharing, and be sure to order some rice or noodles to the side.