Monday, November 16, 2015

Chicken on Rice at Nha Trang

Chicken on rice with spring rolls. #yegfood

I am usually willing to give a place a second chance, so even though I was not blown away by my pho last week at Nha Trang, when having supper here was convenient this week, I decided to try something different. My chicken on rice was a large, thick, boneless thigh that tasted a little bit grilled but really did not have much flavour. Plus, the skin was not crispy at all - it was thick and gummy, and I had to peel most of it away, which was not pleasant. The portion was rice was huge though. My spring rolls were cold on the inside. In fairness, they originally brought me ones filled with pork - I had specifically asked for the vegetarian ones - and the replacements were brought out rather quickly, so perhaps they were not in the fryer long enough. However, I also had to take an important phone call during this time so if they were hot, even for a fleeting while, that time had passed by the time I got to them. Still, I am underwhelmed.

The Pho Files: Well-Done Beef at V Sandwiches

Pho time #yegfood

Desperate for pho on Whyte Avenue last week, I noticed that V Sandwiches sells more than just banh mi. I had a bowl of the well-done beef, which was steaming hot and quite large. The beef and noodles were plentiful, and the broth was quite rich and meaty albeit with a sour taste likely from fish sauce. I can see myself coming here quite often during the winter.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Vegging Out: General Tao Chicken at Padmanadi

General Tao Chicken #yegfood

A family supper brought me back to Padmanadi this weekend. I decided to try something I had never had before, the General Tao Chicken. Small pieces of fried vegetarian chicken was served in a tangy, sweet sauce along with bell peppers and shredded carrots. The amount of "chicken" was huge, and the flavour and texture almost reminded me of ginger beef, except this was unmistakable as imitation chicken. The sauce had less kick than a ginger sauce, and was more sweet without it being like a sweet-and-sour sauce either. Very unique, and definitely suited for sharing for two people with rice.

Deep-Fried Pickles at Sherlock's

Deep fried pickles #yegfood

The Sherlock Holmes Pub on Rice Howard Way is a frequent stop for me after events on Churchill Square. The deep-fries pickle spears are half off after 2 p.m. on Saturdays, so it seemed like a good idea to share some before the meal. Six (two were already consumed by the time the photo was taken) huge spears with ranch dressing and vegetable sticks were presented. The pickles were hot and totally coated in a very thick batter that absorbed the dressing well. The pickles inside were still moist, salty, and briny. This is a great plate to share that won't break the bank.