Monday, September 1, 2014

Coffee Break: Flat White at Second Cup

Flat White

I first tried a Flat White at Transcend, and it quickly became my favourite drink there. It is a strong, short drink of espresso with steamed milk - sort of like a cappuccino without the foam. When I stopped in to my local Second Cup over the weekend, I was surprised to see their new Flat White being promoted. I gave in to my curiosity and tried it. The size was right and the two shots of espresso were fresh and strong - however, it was too hot. Flat Whites are not supposed to be as hot as a latte. Actually, the top part of the drink were about right, but it got hotter as I got further down the cup. The Second Cup Flat White is definitely a work in progress.

Just Desserts: Bread Pudding at Cafe Leva

Bread Pudding

While it is no secret that I adore the coffee and pizza at Cafe Leva, I have actually never tried one of their desserts. I stopped in there this past week and had the bread pudding. It was presented in a flat square, slightly heated so that the chocolate on top had melted. The results were rich, buttery, and sometimes crispy. The portion of cream on the side added moisture and even more richness. An absolutely decadent treat.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Breakfast for Lunch: Two Eggs at Sugarbowl

Two Eggs Any Style

An unexpected lunch at The Sugarbowl led me to try something from the breakfast menu. I had two eggs cooked to my order of over easy, served alongside potatoes and toast. Smoked salmon was substituted for the bacon which came with it by default. My eggs were perfectly cooked, and the home made potatoes were wonderful. My portion of smoked salmon was great. No complaints here!

Fringe Food - Version 2014

Green Onion Cakes

For the fourth year I was on the Multimedia Team volunteering at the Edmonton Internatinoal Fringe Theatre Festival. As a result, I had several meals and snacks on the Fringe grounds. I won't even bother to illustrate the mini doughnuts and popcorn which were delicious staples of my afternoon snacks. I will, however, present a photo of my annual green onion cake.

Garlic Beef Steak

After trying their beef garlic steak at Taste of Edmonton, I was eager to have a real portion from Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse's food truck. For $9, the serving of steak was exactly the same as Taste of Edmonton's, with the addition of a dollop of potato salad. Still delicious, but quite pricey.

Chilli Chicken

A good value was the Chilli Chicken from New Asian Village. Large chunks of chicken were atop a bed of saffron rice and a few seasoned potatoes. If only the wasps left me alone long enough to enjoy it!

Chicken Tikka

While the portion seemed deceptively small at first, the Chicken Tikka from Zaika Indian Bistro was packed with rice and chicken, which was flavourful without being too spicy. The salad on top added some fresh crispness to the meal. I was so impressed, I actually had this on two separate shifts.