Friday, July 15, 2016

Original Hot Dog at Metro Billiards

Original hot dog #yegfood

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I took a break from photographic duties the other evening to have a hot dog at Metro Billiards, which is conveniently located next door to Latitude 53, where I was shooting. Inexpensive and all-beef, I picked the Original which is loaded with mustard, ketchup, relish, white onions, and celery salt, on a toasted bun. While the hot dog could have been a bit hotter (I attribute this to the avalanche of cold condiments on top), it was big, tasted great, and sort of reminded me of a Fat Frank in flavour and texture. Where the meal fell down was with the sides. The coleslaw did not taste fresh at all, and the kettle chips were too salty and tasted burned. Even the ones that were not burned tasted burned. I think I am going to order fries next time.

Roasted Chicken Sandwich at Sandwich and Sons

Roast chicken sandwich #yegfood

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I photographed Latitude 53's Patio party again yesterday evening, and once again went to Sandwich and Sons for an early supper. I tried the roasted chicken sandwich and simply could not get over it. It was like having a roasted chicken dinner in a crispy, fresh baguette. The chicken was cooked and seasoned to perfection, cut into cubes and covered in gravy, while sitting in a nest of cranberry sauce and stuffing. The way the chicken was cut meant that a lot of it was falling out of the bread, so this is definitely a "fork sandwich." And a delicious one at that.

Donair Platter at Urban Greek

Donair platter #yegfood

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I needed a quick meal prior to filming an event downtown last week, and picked Urban Greek since it was convenient and I was craving a donair. Although it was sort of awkward to eat (when is a donair not awkward to eat?), it was worth the effort: the hand-shaved meat was distinctive and easy to tell was made in-house. I paired it with rice and roasted potatoes, which had even more of the delicious tzatziki sauce on them.

Mushroom Sandwich at Sandwich and Sons

Mushroom sandwich #yegfood

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I went to Sandwich and Sons for supper last Thursday before heading to Latitude 53 to photograph their weekly Patio party. The vegetarian option for the day caught my eye, because it was a mushroom sandwich. Most mushroom sandwiches include the huge top of a portobello. This was a sandwich of toast and buttons - button mushrooms, that is. Sauteed with olive oil and delicious. I needed a fork to catch all of the falling mushrooms, like stars in a dream. Can you tell that I like mushrooms? Really, really like them? Cheese was an option that I skipped, that would probably have held the sandwich together a bit better, but seriously - why add anything to take away from the incredible, natural taste and texture of mushrooms? (This is a rhetorical question.)