Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cake For Breakfast at Rebel

Who wouldn’t want cake for breakfast? #yeg #yegfood #yegeats #brunch #foodporn

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This multi-layered confetti cake is always on Rebel's dessert menu, but on weekends it is also part of the brunch menu as "Cake for Breakfast." My response? If eating cake for breakfast is wrong, I don't want to be right! I especially liked the Fruit Loops in the icing and on the plate. It was missing the fruit pebbles and glass of milk, but I could not finish this as it was. I also learned the hard way not to try to pull the sparkler out of the cake immediately after it goes out. Ouch! This was a memorable experience for several reasons!

Beef Bulgogi at NARA Chicken and Tonkatsu

A beautiful bounty of bulgogi. #yeg #yegfood #yegeats #foodporn

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I normally visit NARA Chicken and Tonkatsu for the fabulous fried chicken, but on a recent evening I decided to try the beef bulgogi. It was a bountiful portion of tender beef with vegetables, served alongside rice and a small salad. Quite enjoyable, and great for an evening where I felt like eating something a bit lighter than fried chicken.

A Mensch and a Benny at Rooster Cafe and Kitchen

“The Mensch” with gravlax. #yeg #yegfood #yegeats #foodporn

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I loved Artisan, and was sad when it closed. However, life moves on and it was time to try Rooster, the new restaurant in its place. The interior has not changed that much, which I found comforting. The servers were extremely friendly. Rooster's menu is unique and has a large selection of bagels with house-made cream cheese and different kinds of smoked salmon. I went for the "Mentch" which was a bagel, cream cheese, and choice of smoked salmon. Served on a wooden tray, you assemble your creation yourself, which also comes with capers, red onions, and tomato slices. I'm not big on cream cheese, but the lemon dill version I chose was very flavourful. I had the lemon coriander gravlax, and fond the flavour to be a bit subtle, but enjoyable. Overall it was a good, light lunch and paired with a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice, very satisfying.

On a lunch trip during the week I had the Rooster Benny. Thin slices of lemon coriander gravlax were artistically laid atop a perfectly medium poached egg, on a bagel with crispy breakfast potatoes on the side. I had the hollandaise to the side as well, into which I dipped a few potatoes. It was creamy and had a mild dill flavour with a hint of acidity. A very decadent dish.

Paneer Tikka and Chicken Biryani at Y Not Indian

Paneer tikka and saffron rice. #yegfood #yegeats #foodporn #yeg

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Y Not Indian is the restaurant that has replaced my dearly departed Naanolicious. The restaurant interior looks very much the same, and the menu has a few familiar items like stuffed naan break and wraps. Staff and service are very friendly, and prices are reasonable. I tried the paneer tikka the first time, and found the cheese moist and full of flavour - paneer can often be dense and dry, but that was not the case here. Paired with saffron rice, it was a very satisfying dish.

Chicken biryani #yeg #yegfood #foodporn #yegeats #biryani #whyteave

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I had the bone-in chicken biryani the next time. The chicken was tender and delicious and the rice which enveloped it had a symphony of flavours. It was a bit spicy for my taste and the chicken was completely buried within the rice making it a little difficult to eat in terms of avoiding bones. I would probably go for the chicken tikka or tandoori chicken instead.