Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Just Desserts: Chocolate Pecan Chocolate Cake Muffin at Cafe Leva

Chocolate Cake Muffin

A coffee meeting at Cafe Leva turned into a coffee and treat meeting. I enjoyed what I thought at first was just a chocolate muffin with pecans, but was actually a dense piece of chocolate cake that was almost solid chocolate within. It was also sold to me as vegan, but I found it hard to believe, it was so rich. It was like eating a chocolate bar shaped into a muffin. I was on a sugar high for the rest of the afternoon. And that, my friends, is a good thing.

Breakfast for Lunch: Latkes and Gravlax at Mill Creek Cafe

Latkes and gravlax at Mill Creek Cafe #yegfood

I had a meeting last week at Mill Creek Cafe and as I had not yet had lunch, got there early to order something. I went for an item that I learned is on the lunch menu as well as the brunch menu: latkes and gravlax. To use the term "latkes" as opposed to "potato pancakes" implies a certain degree of, dare I say it, chutzpah. However, flavour-wise, these latkes taste right. They were the right size and texture, as far as the grated variety goes (most places serve them thick and gummy, with semi-raw pieces of potato). Putting gravlax - home made smoked salmon - with latkes is something different for me, but the flavours worked together. Instead of the Boursin soft cheese I opted for sour cream. A side salad with balsamic dressing rounded out the plate. This is definitely what I would call a Jewish fusion dish.

Breakfast for Lunch: Brunch Special at Artisan Cafe

Late brunch at Artisan Cafe - those are turkey sausages #yegfood

Saturday morning brunch at Artisan Resto-Cafe saw me order the special: two turkey sausages, two eggs any style, potatoes, and a piece of blueberry French toast. It was a good portion, and one doesn't find turkey sausages being served that often. The French toast was not overly sweet, and my eggs were done perfectly. A great way to start the weekend.

Beef Shogayaki at Ichiban

Beef shogayaki at Ichiban #yegfood

I stopped in to Ichiban (8750 149 Street) yesterday for a quick lunch and chose beef shogayaki from the lunch specials menu. Thin slices of beef were pan fried in a light ginger sauce and served over sprouts (that were cooked in the same sauce). The beef was served alongside a scoop of rice and a salad. It seemed rather light, but was actually quite filling.